Ms. Archna Wadhwa

Founder and Chairperson

As the Founder and Managing Director of Analytics Saves at Work, Archna has more than 15 years of experience and has had an accomplished career in the corporate world, having lived in the UK, US and India and worked at a Senior Executive level . She has been successful in bringing cultural change to global organisations through harnessing the value of data. She is a change leader and innovator with the knowledge and expertise to bring about a positive impact to the bottom line of a firm.
   Her vision is to tap into the hidden efficiencies that exist within a firm and deliver real cost saves and improved revenues for clients. Her core values are integrity, excellence and innovation and her expertise is in the areas of Strategic thinking, Business transformation, Delivery, Making complex simple. Archna believes that science, creativity and strategic thinking gives data science its true meaning.
  Her interests are creative writing, art, travel and theatre. She likes to spend free time with her daughter travelling to new places, baking, visiting museums and art galleries. Archna holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur and a Bachelor of Engineering from Punjab University, India. She has done ‘Performance Leadership’ at London Business School and ‘Creative Writing’ at Oxford University, UK.

Mr. Bruce Cannon

Mr. Bruce Cannon has worked as an international manager and senior executive in HSBC for 29 years across four continents. In his most recent role at HSBC he served as Regional Chief Risk Officer for Latin America where he was responsible for all aspects of risk management in 15 countries across the region. Prior to that he was the Chief Risk Officer for Europe. His early career was with Standard Chartered Bank, including assignments in West Africa and Sri Lanka. After retiring from HSBC in 2014, Bruce has set up Rafe Associates, a UK based advisory and consulting firm offering services in multiple areas of risk management.

Professor Gautam Sinha

Professor Gautam Sinha is the founding director of Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur, one of the most prestigious management schools in India. He has a decade long experience with Vinod Gupta School of Management (VGSOM) at IIT Kharagpur where he was professor of Operations, Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing Strategy. He has spent 25 years in the steel and engineering industry with SAIL. He has received “Best Teacher Award in Operations Management” in Asia’s B-school Awards in 2011 at Singapore and “Thought Leader Award” in World Education Congress 2013 at Mumbai.

Mr. Liyaquat Khan

Mr. Liyaquat Khan has been CEO of two life insurers, one in India and other in the Gulf and also has been Appointed Actuary for a General Insurer, Health Insurer and Agriculture Insurance Company. Besides India, he has experience of working in senior positions in the UK, Mauritius and Gulf. He has been President of the Indian Actuarial Profession for three times over six years and is a Fellow of Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in the UK. Currently Mr. Khan is in Consulting as Managing Partner of Global Risk Consultants and is Executive Director of Actuarial Consulting Congress of Asia.

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